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I’ve neglected my radio blog a little lately. I’ve been focused on a movie project and a theatre project and have allowed my radio responsibilities to slip a little. Well, today I’m back with a new blog and a renewed enthusiasm for radio drama.

What I want to talk about is the fabulous site, The Wireless Theatre Company.
http://wirelesstheatre.co.uk/ Over the last few months I’ve been visiting here and listening to the plays on offer and feel I have to share it with you.

The site is dedicated to radio drama and it produces brand new plays by excellent writers to be downloaded and listened to whenever you choose. It does other things too but I feel its main contribution is its commitment to drama production.

Its mission statement says that WTC’s main reason for existence is to keep radio drama alive and well, by creating original, exciting audio theatre productions – both for existing radio drama lovers and for the ‘download generation’. They also say that they are there to create a platform for fresh new writers, up and coming acting talent and interesting new ways of producing audio theatre.

They go on, “With modern technology and the internet, the future for radio drama looks bright! All our original audio theatre productions are written, cast, directed, produced and edited by our large enthusiastic and talented team and although we are based in central London, our writers are from all over the world.”

Since their launch, they have won several prestigious awards (Best Radio Drama Producer – Fringe Report Awards 2009, Best Entertainment Producer, Best Online Multi Platform Creator – Radio Academy Awards 2011, Mark Time Ogle Award for Best Horror/Fantasy Audio, 2012, Best Long Form Documentary – British Public Radio Awards 2013 – and they featured in Radio Drama Reviews Top Best 20 Productions of 2012)

Recently on WTC I have listened to Windover by Bita Bradbury, Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stevenson and Painted Blind by Adam Elm. I found them to be hugely entertaining and produced to the highest possible standard. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Upcoming productions include, Life At Death’s Door, Part Two, a drama documentary narrated by Jo Brand.
Cross Party II The second part of a comedy written by politician Tom Harris and his wife Carolyn and directed by WTC regular George Maddocks.
Purdy & Chase, which follows new private investigating duo and best friends, Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase, as they negotiate the heady mix of insurance fraud and mystery shopping, whilst dealing with their own assortment of doubts and fears.

The Wireless Theatre Company isn’t free. It costs £25 per year to download any number of plays. You can, however get a taster by using the monthly subscription of £3 which to me, seems pretty good value.
WTC is a fantastic resource and should really be on every radio drama fan’s favourites list.


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